Monday, September 12, 2005

5 and a half

John Trippe has been doing Fecal Face Dot Com for a long time now. Friday night we had a show at Slim's, The Mall, Hightower, Easy Tiger and Darker My Love played. It was fun. This is a photo of John giving a speach. He doesn't really remember what he said. No suprize there.

Thanks to John for everything he's done for me. It's been a fun 4 and a half years with more to come.

Big thanks to Meagen for all of her work and support through those years. That lady has seen more sides of myself then I've seen. Get a copy of WORD any way you can. Email me and I'll try to get you a coy. Best issue yet.


Anonymous m said...

isaac, you the THE MAN!!!!

2:47 PM  

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