Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Middle of the Work Week

Wednesday, crunch day. Photos of New York City, March 2005.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

2 times, in 1 day???

Scanned in over 40 halfers tonight. Musta drank too much coffee at work or something. Here are some of the ones I like.

Hope you are doing well.

Look up much?

Embarcadero Center Towers, San Francisco 2005.

Thanks to David Uzzardi for helping with my photo needs. Dave takes some amazing photos and knows his photo shit. Thanks Dave!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Big feet, little sleep

Turns out more people read this dumb thing than I thought. Man, you guys and gals have nothing better to do than read this Retard's mind puke/ego trip on the web? Well, it's your life, waste it all you want. Suckers.

LOW Gallery hosted Bigfoot last night. His stuff will also be up today from 12-7pm. Here are some photos from the night.

Bigfoot, freshly back from Japan and ready to rock!

Trippe rocks too, and likes Sparks. Sparks is he new popular drink for all the trendy art fags. Drink it now before you don't look cool anymore! (this statement has no relevance to the fact that Trippe is a nut ball when he drinks the stuff.)

One of the peices in the show. I like how he's using the wood grain as the shapes of the characters.

Trippe and Travis. Travis is a homie til death. One of the most solid people I know.

The dorks congrigate.

Darin Howard and his very nice girlfriend who I always forget her name, team manager of Rasa Libre skatebords and all around cool cat. Congrats on the new place man!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Laggy lagger lagg

To the 5 people that read this thing, sorry for my lagging. Wasn't feeling it too much.

Here are some sorta new photos. I'm sitting on 25 rolls of half-framers that I'm too poor to get processed and printed at Photoworks. I figure it would cost about $6-700.

The Brooklyn Bridge. Shot during the SPB convention, March 2005.

This is where we slept in NY. Less than ideal, but decent enough.

My last trip to my dentist. Quit my job before I could get the last bit of work done. Still owe them some $$. I hate owing people $$.

SPB til death. Yeah, that's about right.

Brian Ermanski, painting his room at the Hotel des Arts. Some of his room was censored. The part about giving a girl a pearl necklace.

Porous Walker will be doing a one day show at LOW Gallery on August 17th, 12pm to 7pm. I'm sure it will be something quite interesting and all Porous. I love that guy.

With any luck I'll keep this thing updated since I don't have a real webiste yet. But things are in the works...