Monday, May 30, 2005

Gettying art faggy with Porous and Kinsey

Things are picking up. Porous came by Saturday and we went about town picking things up and being the art dorks we are. Fun times with that man. There are times when I think our brains work on similar levels, then I realize that he's gone father than most ever will. He breaths ideas. Sooner or later he wil win a Nobel prize.

We went to a place and saw Grimace. Fish calls me Grimace sometimes. I don't see the resemblence.

He dropped me off at the Hotel des Arts. I took photos of Dave Kinsey working on his room.

He's a nice guy. He didn't mind me being a dork and asking a lot of questions. Thanks Dave. Kinsey Visual

Today I went by and
Buff Monster was doing his room.

He had two people helping him and they were going to complete the room by tomorrow. I'm stopping by to take more photos of them and some other rooms. Should be a nice time.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Without them...

Quit my job yesterday. I'd been over it for a long ass time, but after I had gotten a write up I knew it was time to go.

Since I'm not to sure what the hell to do with this thing, I guess I'll give some props to my friends that have helped me in many ways. From help when down to the last $5, being just at the right time when needed - those that mean the most in life. So expect some sappy crappy over the next weeks.

The thing is, since most people that look at this bloggy thing look at Fecal, most of them you'll recognize in some way. So it's all going to seem like a bunch of handjobs. Oh well.

Good friend Sean Ratlif and his lady Rachel are getting married on Saturday and I'm a groomsman. Never been part of a wedding before, not have I ever been to New Mexico. I'll be there for 4 days, looking forward to skating some of their famed ditches.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Homie from Japan

Darin Bendall lived on 14th street before it became the art fag scene that it has. In fact, he lived right above the LOW GALLERY. I met him and Cary at the Hush Hush and we've been friends since. He is easily one of the best dudes I know. So check out his site, you'll laugh you're ass off.

Darin sent me some photos, but I can't post them on the place I normaly post them (the SLAP messge board) because it's not letting me. So sorry Darin, I wish I could have put them up. But instead are some photos I've taken of Daren over the years.