Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Shine through the Rain

In 24 hours I'll be on a plane closing in on New York. It's supposed rain and even snow a little the entire time the convention is going on. Nevertheless, I'm going to take as many photos as I can and skate the Brooklyn banks. To hell with my set-up, I want to have fun! I did switch my wheels out so I wouldn't ruin my Swiss. Had them puppies for about 4 years now, at least.

Went to dinner with Fred, Terry, Fish, Trippe, Sandro from Color and Irving. It was a good diner but man did the rapping cowboy suck! We were very rude and talk loudly, laughed at him and made snide comments. It was fun in a sadistic way.

It's been raining steady for the past couple days. Trippe took these photos, thanks for letting me "borrow" them from Fecal. He did a nice thing in his dailies about the night. With lots of other photos. So go to Fecal Face Dot Com for the full scoop.

Another load of clothes to fold then I can finish packing.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

New Dork

Today seemed like it took forever to end, but I still have a bunch left to do before I split. Man, I'm sounding a lot like Trippe. Is this what blogging does to you?

I'm realy looking forward to this trip. The not so hot thing is that it is supposed to rain and be very crappy out for the entire 5 days I'll be there.

Fuck it, I'm going to have a blast anyway. I bought a bunch of film black and white, color slide film and Polaroid film. I have a full box of flashes for the night's adventures.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


I like griping boards. It's a fun little project to do when stoned, or you want to take your mind off of things.

Ever wonder if people are born happy or born sad?

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Things happen when you do stuff

Mr. Pastras is in town for a bit. The lady on the left is artist Maya Hayuk. She's a very nice lady who knows some of the same people I do, here and in NYC. She said she sees tons of SPB stickers near her house. Way to go NYC Dons!

Things are coming together for Secret Agent Plan #3. More details and photos later in the month. (blogging is such an ego thing don't you think?)

Friday, March 11, 2005

New Dork

It's just under two weeks away, but I can't help the excitement of going to New York City for the very first time. I don't know if I'll be eaten up and spat out like a used peice of gum, or I'll love it and like so many others want to move there. Whatever the outcome, I'll have ample documentation. I'm taking a large amount of film, 35mm and Polaroid to the Big Apple.

Been into building photos for the past few months. I have 7 rolls of B+W film to get processed. I love the anticipation of new photos.

The dorks over at Epicly Trife have been updating like crazy. Some nice photos.

Matt D!

Matt D!, my housemate (sort of, he's only spent 5 nights in the house since he moved in back in September, he stay at his girlfriends house), OG SPB, good friend. It was his birthday so we all met up at Zeitguist and made merry in the backyard and enjoyed the great night.

Jason Tyler Grace, the man, the myth, the amazing tattoo dude, and SPB. I love this guy.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Hot Sauce

Thinking about trying to change ethnicity. Think I can pull off the Vato look?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Never trust a 'tard

Well, it seems more people read this thing than I thought.

The Lowered Hi-Ball show went off well, check out the art here.

Porous Walker sold almost all of his drawings and doo-dads.

Patrick Jilbert came through like a chanp and made all of his art within the short time period we had. thanks homie. More good things from him in the coming months, keep your eyes open.

Co-Captain Pastras is selling some of the prints from the show on his web site. The Agency saves.

Minister of Design and smiles Matt Irving also has some prints for sale at the gallery, or through me if anyone is interested. You can email me at if intersted and I'll send you a jpeg.

photo by John Trippe

This is where I'm supposed to say, "keep checking back for the wild and zaney adventures of Retard Randozzi!" Nothing zaney unless I loose my medication.