Thursday, February 17, 2005

For the love

Went to an art show. Very nice stuff. Thom Lessner paid tribute to some great bands and people in early 80s late 70s rock and roll.

Cliff Burton, one of the best bass players ever.

The Lowered Hi-Ball show is tomorrow. Should be fun. I'll take some photos and put them up.

Some links to some nice people that are promoting the show. Thank you much!
The Stereo Sound Agency
SF Station
Agents of the Area
The Love Station

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Frogs up, pigs down

If anyone from the Hensen family read my last post, I mean no disrespect to Jim or any of the Muppet performers. I would hope they would be in favor of something like my last post. but I guess it's too late for them, Disney now owns the rights to the Muppets.

We're putting up the show tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to what people are going to bring. Jilbert said that he was still painting as of a couple days ago, Minister Irving is waiting for Co-Captian Pastras to get up here so they can hang their arty farty good stuff. Porous Walker, well lets just say that he will be hanging portraits of various SF artists - who may or may not know that he did likenesses of them.

Mr. Walker will be selling shirts for $10, and Mr. Pastras will be selling prints at the show. I'm looking forward to seeing the prints, I'm an unabashed fan of his drawings and paintings. Plus he's a good skater too!

This is one of the photos I'm putting up in the show. At one time it was the splash page for Fecal Face. I was very stoked to have that. Trippe is one hell of a guy for sure. He just posted some photos from the Albert Reyes opening. Take a peak at Low Gallery for more.

Thanks to Mr. Anthony Skirvin and Ms. Nathalie for the html help. As with many things in life, I'm retarted when it comes to that sort of thing.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Muppet revenge

I think it would be rad if the muppets were real and they went after all the assholes that took away funding for Public Television and the arts. Picture it, kamikaze Fozzie going for it like a Iraqi suicide bomber. Gonzo behind the wheel of a M1 Abrams tank, taking shots at Gingrich's fat head, and Rush Limbaugh's balls. The crazy fish thrower hucking grenades. Beeker with a flamethrower. The two old dudes, Statler and Waldorf running down Orin Hatch in a jeep, laughing their asses off. Janice, Dr. Teeth, Lou, Animal and the rest of the band armed with pikes herd the injured off a cliff. Kermit is watching the whole thing while getting a pedicure from Scooter and a b.j. from Mrs. Piggy.

It'd be fuckin' beautiful man!

Lowered Hi-Ball???

What the hell is a Lowered Hi-Ball? A drink for upper class cholos in their lowriders?

Oh, it's another stupid art show. Great, just what San Francisco needs.

(don't know why, but this thing won't let me post up a photo, but what do i know, i'm a retard.)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


The SPB convention wil soon be on us. This year it's NYC. I'm very happy to go since I've never been to New York. I plan on bringing large amounts of film. Who knows what will go down.

Thanks to Rob for reminding me that I have this stupid thing. I'm sending him a box of not epic proportions, just full of stuff I know he'll be stoked on.

I'm in an arty show with, Matt Irving, Patrick Jilbert and a few others who have much more talent then me. I'll post the flyer later, I think. Too stoned to really give a shit to be honest.

Skating is damn fun. Make time in your day to spend with a dear friend - your skateboard.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The retard rides again!

Spent about $250 of photo shit today. Stoked. Bought the wrong paper and ended up jaming the machine at the lab. Skated over to a place to get the right paper, on the way back tried to do an ollie off a curb-cut, ate shit. Story short, printed a bunch of photos. Now off to a focus group to talk about skateboarding fashion. Glad they are paying me $100.

Oh yeah, check for some other dimwitted shenanagins.